“I have had the pleasure of working with George for almost four years. George approached each search with a tremendous sense of urgency and professionalism, and made my job much easier. Therefore, without hesitation or any reservation, I recommend George.”
S. S., Human Resources Vice President

“I’m glad to have you and your staff as the “home run hitters” for our winning team.”
A.W., Human Resources Vice President

“George demonstrated tenacity and creativity in seeking out qualified candidates for my opening. He showed great patience and communicated frequently as we worked as a team to bring the candidate to our company. George’s only interest, throughout the search, was to find the right candidate. He never pushed on candidates that fell outside the specs. I intend to use George in the future and highly recommend him as a search professional.”
D. A., Vice President, Employee Relations and Compensation Planning

“I have had the pleasure of working with George on a number of occasions over the last several years. My experiences have been productive, positive, and pleasurable on every front. Our company does not have an HR Staffing presence on the West Coast, so when we call George it is always for a real need with some unique requirements that we wanted filled yesterday. George has consistently risen to the challenge and produced candidates that were consistent with the specs. In doing so, George truly became an extension of our Staffing Group…building a relationship as that of a colleague versus third-party recruiter.”
J.N, Staffing Director

“You continue to provide excellent client service in the most efficient, professional and dependable manner. It shows your ability to understand your client’s needed competencies and deliver the right product. You did an outstanding job in insuring a diverse slate of candidates for each of our openings an accomplishment unmatched by any other recruiter I dealt with this year.”
B.L., Corporate Employment & Diversity Manager

“You have demonstrated extraordinary tenacity, superior professionalism, and a passionate focus towards servicing our account. Consequently, your efforts and commitment have made my job easier. (If only other search firms realized the value of service and quality!) The caliber of candidates you have submitted have been bright, articulate, and well qualified. They have possessed the unique combination of skills that makes one successful in this very dynamic, demanding, and exciting environment.”
B.W, Corporate Staffing Manager

“I have known and done business with George for the last six years. George has worked for [the company] as an independent agent. In dealings with George, I have found him to practice outstanding business ethics and practices.”
S.W., Zone Vice President

“George has been an on-going staffing partner of our company for several years. I have had the pleasure of working with him on more than twenty different upper management positions. I could not have found a more dedicated or enthusiastic staffing partner than George. He did all the legwork, which made my job much easier. His sense of urgency and excellent follow-up is unparalleled in the recruiting industry. We utilized his services for two international searches. One position was based in Brazil and the other was based in Argentina. We selected George for these searches because of his excellent connections in the Latin American region. He thoroughly understood our strict requirements and quickly delivered outstanding, qualified candidates. When our hiring managers flew to the interview locations, they were able to choose form the first round of candidates due to George’s careful screening process.”
S.L., Staffing Manager

“I can recommend George without any reservation, and would like to suggest that you consider using him on any open assignments you have. For several years, George has worked closely with our Human Resource department in filling key positions. Within very tight constraints, George was immediately able to identify and present a group of candidates who possessed the skill set and experience level we were seeking in a candidate. While the quality of candidates presented is often the most important factor in selecting a search firm, something that cannot be overlooked id the working relationship which develops. George has always been a pleasure to work with. He makes a concerted effort to make himself available to our staff, both during and after regular business hours. George maintains a no nonsense and unobtrusive style.”
M.F., Human Resources Vice President

“Your firm did an excellent job in furnishing qualified candidates for these positions. More than 80% of the candidates submitted were forwarded to the field for in-person screening. I would not hesitate to use George in future assignments.”
R.F., National Recruiter

“George has served the company during the past nine years by supplying talented individuals for employment through his national recruiting firm in areas such as sales, marketing and finance. In addition to supplying professional talent to our company. George also served as a third-party resource on issues which aided in developing a National College Relations strategy. His integrity and professionalism are two reasons why he remains as a key supplier for our company.”
R.P., Vice President, Employee Relations

“I have had the pleasure to work with George who provided an excellent pool of candidates. His ability to quickly and effectively source candidates was certainly impressive. George’s ability to assist my location with achieving our diversity objectives was perhaps his most impressive characteristic. I will not hesitate to use George for future recruiting opportunities.”
K.C., Area Employee Relations Manager

“Your recruitment efforts for our company over the last year have been instrumental in our continued success.”
M.G., Corporate Human Resources & Staffing Director

“I have known and worked closely with George for the last nine years. In fact, George has personally placed over 80% of the current sales force in the Western Division of the company. He is extremely reliable and a competent recruiter who enjoys an outstanding reputation in the industry.”
W.M., Assistant Vice President & Division Director

“George has always conducted his business dealings with me in a professional and ethical manner. Over the years, I have been exposed to a variety of search firms and I can say, without a doubt, that George is the best in all aspects.”
R.L., Region Sales Manager

“I personally have worked with George over the past five years in the placement of sales and marketing positions and have found the quality of his company’s work to be outstanding.”
P.D., Category Manager

“I wanted to thank you for providing an excellent search service for our company this past year. The retained searches you performed were done professionally, with all candidates fitting the job specifications to the letter, efficient follow up with the candidates and our personnel and with reference checks completed promptly. We were in a time-crunch to fill the positions and you came through with flying colors.”
S.P., International Vice President

[All client letters and readers emails are permanently saved for review.]



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