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Career gifts to give yourself this Christmas


Remember Christmas as a child. Presents would magically appear under the tree, Santa was real and everything was charged with positive energy. Some gifts would arrive early and be marked “Do not open until Christmas.” The anticipation was sometimes more exciting than the actual gift. I'm told that the eight days of Chanukah have the same sense of joy and giving.

Today as adults, there's little that can really surprise us. My thoughts are to give you a few magical, career-focused gifts that if you ever received you'd truly be amazed.

Here are the presents I know you would love to possess.

1. Career Remote Control

With this remote, you can fast-forward through boring meetings and replay the best part of your day over and over again. Your lunch hour can be played in slow-mo; therefore, one hour will feel like two. Use the extended play button while on vacation. The mute button can be used at will on anyone in your line of sight. Everyone will enjoy this gift, especially men; you know that remote thing!

2. Singing Elmo — Your Best Friend

This Elmo is super-cognizant of all your daily achievements. He will sing your praise for all to hear about your small daily victories at work that go unnoticed, like the last-minute deadlines you met or corrected a customer's complaint. Pulling his string will alert everyone in the company of your accomplishments. There's nothing hokey about this Elmo.

3. Cabbage Patch Career Dolls

When you have one of these dolls and are up for a promotion or are interviewing for a new job, the image of the other contenders look like they all came from the cabbage patch — except you. You will always get the promotion, pay raise and the job offer you desire.

4. Career Barbie Doll

There is always at least one of these type dolls in every office; she's perfect in every way. Her hair is never messy, her clothes fit perfectly, and she never gains an ounce of weight. This doll has a permanently attached piece of toilet tissue stuck to the bottom of her shoe to remind you no one is picture-perfect all the time. This gift is especially crafted for the working woman. She's a reminder that you can get the job done even if you're not that type.

5. Night Vision Career Binoculars

You will always carry this gift with you, beside your laptop; this is your most trusted companion. Even in the darkest days of your career, when it seems like daybreak will never come, you'll always be able to view the positives in your life and stay focused on your future potential.

6. Monopoly — The Career Edition

This game lets you skip ahead of your peers with just a mere roll of the dice. The dice always show the numbers you want. You own all the major high-rent hotels. You always pass “GO” with ease and collect all the money you need without ever going to jail.


December is an excellent time to review your accomplishments for the past year. Make a list of your positive events and successes during the year. Did you make the progress you wanted? What was the best thing to happen to you this year? Make a list and check it twice, because we all have positives in our lives. Checking it twice will emphasize their value. I wish you a perfect holiday season and a wonderful New Year!

PLEASE NOTE: emails received become the property of "Dear Headhunter" and may be published unless otherwise requested. Questions may be edited for content and length. All questions will be reviewed, some without a reply.

George Gurney has been a leader in the employment industry since 1976. He founded an executive search firm that conducts domestic and international assignments.  He has won numerous awards for recruiting excellence.  He has been a guest speaker at national conventions and seminars.